KOZHUHAR, the brand started by Alina Kozhuhar. I have long dreamed of a project where I can implement my ideas in design.

 It all started with bags. At that time, I already knew how to sew clothes. Accessories were a new stage for me. This has proved
difficult mainly because I had to independently study all aspects of production high quality leather bags. First it was my hobby, and then I created the brand in 2017.

 Now I have a perfect team. We create minimalistic leather bags of unusual shapes and clothes in our studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. I love to experiment with shapes and textures and enjoy every item we create. All products are elegant in their simplicity, but at the same time they are eye-catching and attract attention.

 As for leather bags, we try to create them in the most ethical and sustainable way. We use Italian leather that is a byproduct of local farming and agriculture industries. It is considered sustainable because the animals are not raised for the express purpose of using their leather for goods, they are primarily farm animals. And because our products are hand-made, our industrial processes are likewise low impact and sustainable. Genuine leather is a conscious choice for us because unlike so-called “eco-leather”, leather is not derived from plastic, wood fibers, or other materials that would need to be produced with chemicals and leave behind industrial waste. Leather products are more wear resistant and can be restored.

 Also, we spend time and effort to find unused materials and return them to circulation. We use Italian leftover leather that are the result of over-production or over-ordering on part of big designer brands and create limited collections from it. In this way we get to improve the circularity of leftover raw materials, otherwise hidden somewhere in warehouses, and reuse them for creating new beautiful products.

My dream is to share our art with the world, bringing beauty and uniqueness.

Alina xx

Women's dresses, tops, bodies

Russia International EU GER FR IT UK US Breast,cm Waist,cm Hips,cm Sleeve,cm
38XXS32323436 4076-8055-5882-8558-60
40XS34343638 6280-8459-6286-8959-61
42S36363840 8484-8863-6690-9359-61
44M38384042 10688-9267-7094-9760-62
46M40404244 12892-9671-7498-10160-62
48L42424446 141096-10075-78102-10560-62

Women's pants

Russia International EU GER IT UK US JP Waist,cm Hips,cm
38XXS323236/0 40355-5882-85
40XS343438/I 62559-6286-89
42S363640/II 84763-6690-93
44M383842/III 106967-7094-97
46M404044/IV 1281171-7498-101
48L424246/V 14101375-78102-105